What to Look For in a Great Teacher

You have plenty of experiences listening to teachers as you go through your life. Remember the ones that you watched the clock as they droned on and on? Remember the monotone voice, the terrible slide show and the grades that you struggled to earn? Think back to those teachers that you loved to … [Read more...]


Gratefulness... Taking the time to say thank you can mean more than you know.     "Bye sweetie. Don't forget what's in your pocket.", signed the smiling mother as she left her little girl in the preschool classroom.   The girl stood staring at the door knowing that it would be … [Read more...]

Why I chose to teach Sign Language…

Sitting on a short stool that had originally been several Quaker Oats oatmeal boxes, now crafted with fabric and fancy pins, I sat watching the two best storytellers the Earth had ever heard and seen. The words and sounds were flying fast, with fingers twitching and faces exaggerated. The few words … [Read more...]

Learn More & Remember Longer

Learning Guide: The 6 Proven Techniques to Learn More and Remember Longer ENGAGE...the Imagination, the Eyes, the Ears, the Hands, the Voice and the Heart!  … [Read more...]

Everyone has a Story

Everyone has a story, even a child. I have had many more experiences that the child hasn't had yet, but they have their story too! I climbed a mountain, she climbed the slide. I rode my bike, he rode his trike. I swam the oceans, he let go of the side of the pool. I made dinner, she … [Read more...]