Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  What ages are your stories geared towards?

A:  The target ages would be 3-10 years, however some students are as young as 2 years and as old as… well, I know senior citizens that enjoy the stories! The answer to this question is…KIDS OF ALL AGES!

Q:  How many signs will my child learn and will they remember them?

A:  I will be presenting hundreds of signs told in my funny stories throughout the series of books.  Each book contains 30-50 signs. Every child learns at a different pace and has varying cognitive abilities, but I know that you will be amazed how fast they catch the words.

Q:  Your stories are so funny and my child keeps repeating your jokes and phrases. Why do they work with my child?

A:  I know from teaching over 30 years how kids think and how to help them learn. If your child has fun learning the stories, jokes and songs, they will remember faster and retain the information longer.

Imagination is extremely important key to learning, no matter the learning style of the student, no matter what age. Who doesn’t like a good story?

Please check out my Positive Repetition page.

Q:  How can I get your books? Are their different formats?

A:  You can purchase the books in Print or Kindle eBook by going to my Amazon Author’s page. There you will see all 9 of the books in the series.

Q:  Are you teaching American Sign Language -ASL?

A:  Yes. Each word has been doubled and sometimes, triple checked with ASL dictionaries, videos and books. Just as in every language, there are minor differences due to area of the country and the background of the teacher.  Most students believe their teacher is sharing the most pure ASL sign, until they meet another teacher!

Please check out this link –  Sign Language Benefits page.

Q:  What is “Positive Repetition” style of teaching?

A:  As long as your child is enjoying the book,  she will learn more each time she reads the stories. If the parent or teacher is making the experience fun, the child considers the learning time as a positive experience

A young child will enjoy being read the story and copying the character’s signs.  As your child mirrors the characters and their parent, she will catch several of the words each time.

As your child gets older, she will be able to read it to herself and learn to sign the words on each page. My books encourage your child go beyond just reading, but also to participate in the learning process.

The older kids can read, sign, and remember all the sign words and be able to use them outside of the book.

Repetition is good – each time they read a story, the more sign words they will remember.

The more your child practices, the better they will become!

Q:  Will my child be able to talk to deaf people?

A:  I can only imagine that most people in the Deaf community would be happy to sign with your child, but please be courteous when asking a stranger to talk with your child.

Your child will be learning ASL words, but not the syntax of the language. However, by learning hundreds of American Sign Language signs from my books, Your child will have a great jump start into a beautiful new language!

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please write me – thank you for your input! Positive, helpful Q&A’s will be posted here.  Mr.C