Meet Mr.C

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Hi, I’m Mr. C!

You have clicked on this page to find out who I am.

If you want to find out more about Stories and Signs with Mr. C, please check out the Benefits of Sign Language for Hearing Children page as well as the Why Sign Language for my Child? page.

So who am I? Without getting too philosophical, I’ll crack open the door a bit to share who I am and why I do what I do.

I’m a storyteller. Using my funny stories, I teach American Sign Language, ASL, words to thousands of children in classes and assemblies.

I know how kids think and I know what children think is funny. I try to touch their minds, their emotions, and their hearts through my stories. Teaching Sign language is important, but it’s the way that I teach that makes the difference. I know how to tell a great story that keeps children of all ages, hanging on every word.

In my Stories and Signs with Mr. C books my goals are to:

  • Keep your child’s interest and attention
  • Teach hundreds of American Sign Language words
  • Teach basic life skills
  • Teach positive behavior
  • Encourage the best from your child
  • Believe that your child can dream
  • Bring more joy into your child’s life

For several decades I have had the joy of seeing “that little light bulb” of understanding appear on children’s faces during my lessons. I have heard and read hundreds of positive comments from parents and teachers about my teaching and books.

I teach, “The more I practice the better I become” and I try to apply this to my own life as well.

I take the responsibility of teaching your child seriously but, we have fun doing it!

I  live in the Beautiful Pacific Northwest of the United States. My wife, Deonna, does the illustrations and layout/design for these books. It’s a fun project that we do together, using both of our talents.

We love to explore the area’s trails and water ways in the Summer and snowshoe trails in the Winter. You can find me running, swimming, biking, backpacking, kayaking, and even skydiving when I’m not teaching or writing.

– Mr. C or Randall Clarkson