Positive Repetition Learning Style


Positive Repetition is a learning style as old as teaching. I use it in my books to help your child learn American Sign Language words. The way my books have been designed, I am taking a student from the known to the unknown.

Without the negative pressure of coming up with the right answer every time, the student is allowed to do the best they can each time they read the book and then repeat the process until they know each sign.

Your child will feel the reward of learning, but will also understand and remember the sign language words out of context. Your child will want to feel that accomplishment again and again. When children see the sign which has seen before and uses it again, they are re-enforcing their learning experience in a positive way.

The Positive Repetition of the sign language words throughout the story, and again when reading my other books, engages the memory, entertains the heart, and empowers the child by using the new skill.

Confidence is gained because of the learning style of moving from the words and signs the child already knows to the new and unknown words in the remainder of the story.

My books are written and designed with this learning style and they have been effective in teaching sign language to thousands of children.

The most effective way of using these books is to read the book all the way through in one sitting. Then, go back to the beginning to learn the signs. Your child will see that the sign is an actual part of the story that is now familiar to them.

Parents are asked to demonstrate the two signs shown on each page and have your child copy the characters and you. They need to be actively using their hands with perhaps a little help in their hand shape. However, try not to touch their hands as they first struggle to find the sign themselves. They are exploring how they can manipulate on their own.

As you and your child read through the story again, you’ll notice the underlined words. These words have been seen before and your child will recognize and repeat that sign.

Each book is designed to be an entertaining and positive learning experience. Your child will reinforce the signs into their memory every time they read the book. Even when they are reading alone, they will again see the characters signing words.

A great way to use the Positive Repetition is to use the learned signs at different times throughout the day and days to come. Each time is another chance to absorb this amazing language.

The Positive Repetition learning style of my sign language books will be an entertaining experience of learning that you and your child will enjoy and never forget!